“Plod Shuffle Plod”?

Are you a Christian? Awesome! Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, doubts, your calling, reading the bible, praying, church, relationships, self-worth, procrastination? Yep, me too. Read on to see how I cope with these issues and more on a day to day basis. I hope and pray you’ll not only understand that you aren’t the only one, but that there’s another way of looking at these issues.

Are you not a Christian? Awesome! No matter what you think about Christianity, I hope this blog will shed some light on what it looks like being a Christian outside of church.

The phrase ‘plod on’ came to me while training for my first half marathon (2015), and it’s stuck. There are many life lessons within running. I am nowhere near the finish line yet, but I am slowly becoming the man God wants me to be. I’m a slow learner: God has had to teach me the same lessons numerous times – I plod. Out of weariness I sometimes break into a shuffle.  I don’t use shuffle on my iPod.

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